Genesis - Arecibo (Linea)

Introducing the Timeless Genesis Pass, helping enrich web3 journey for the next billion users. Genesis Pass unites communities across the open social web. By blending social and DeFi, we're making socialFi more accessible and convenient for everyday use.

Timeless Genesis - Arecibo is a collection of 7323 NFTs for the super fans and believers of Linea on Timeless. It's an ode to a message sent to the globular cluster Messier 13 in 1974. The number of NFT passes in the collection mirrors the dimensions of the Arecibo message, featuring 73 rows and 23 columns.

Congrats to the winners! Timeless Genesis Passes has been distributed to the whitelisted addresses provided by Linea. Genesis Passes will be activated once the points program is launched on Timeless X soon.

Didn't win a Genesis Pass? No worries! We're working with the biggest L2s in the ecosystem to bring you more opportunities to grab one. Stay tuned 👀


  1. Boosted Earning: Earn daily TXPs everyday by holding Genesis Pass.

  2. Priority Access: New in-app benefits and features to holders introduced frequently.

  3. Exclusive Quests: Quests and campaigns exclusively for Genesis Pass holders to earn extra TXPs.

  4. Free Access to Airdrop Alphas: Free access to a diverse set of premium airdrop tools & alphas.

  5. Merch: Access to future Timeless merch.

  6. Gas Sponsorship: Enjoy zero-fee swaps based on your membership level, renewing every six months.

    • At Level 1, your first swap is with zero-fee.

    • At Level 2, your first 2 swaps are with zero-fee.

    • At Level 3, your first 6 swaps are with zero-fee.

    • At Level 4, your first 8 swaps are with zero-fee.

    • At Level 5, your first 10 swaps are with zero-fee.

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