Add a wallet to your Layer3 account

Before proceeding with connecting your Timeless X wallet to Layer3, make sure:

  1. Linea network is selected

  2. The correct wallet is selected

Linea Park is tailored for EOA wallet experience to save on gas fee. Avoid selecting the smart wallet (AA tag) option.

Remember the account you should be using for Linea Park is your EOA account (the one without AA tag), this is the same account you should add on Layer3.

Now you can proceed with adding your Timeless X wallet to your Layer3 account.

  1. Navigate to Layer3

  2. Click on your profile icon, then on your account name

  3. Click 'Edit profile'

  4. Click 'Connect address'

  5. Select 'WalletConnect' and scan the QR code with Timeless X

  6. Confirm & sign the transactions

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