Bind your wallet to Linea Activations page

For voyagers seeking to bind their Timeless X wallet with LXPs to a primary Linea wallet that has passed Proof of Humanity (PoH). Please note, once account binding is completed, it cannot be changed.

If you've created a new wallet within Timeless X or are using an existing Timeless X wallet, link it on Layer3 as instructed here. Remember the account you should be using for Linea Park is your EOA account, this is the same account you should add on Layer3.

If you are using your MetaMask account within Timeless X, add your MetaMask account as a secondary account on Layer 3 as instructed here. If you are unable to add your wallet to Layer3, you can proceed to bind your account to Linea Activations page as instructed below.

If you've used multiple wallets during the Linea Voyage, you can use Linea's account binding feature on Linea Activations website. This ensures that all the LXPs received with your different wallets are transferred to your primary wallet that has passed Proof of Humanity (POH).

Please follow the instructions on the video below๐Ÿ‘‡

If you initially created a Timeless X smart wallet via Metamask connection during Linea Voyage (DeFi), follow the instructions in the video below to bind your wallet to Linea Activations๐Ÿ‘‡

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