Mint a ticket for Lucky Cat Draw (20 LXP)

Every onchain transaction you have on Linea is a ticket to Lucky Cat Draw. Mint your tickets to participate in the draw. Everyone will earn 20 LXPs for participation.

Before proceeding with minting your Lucky Cat tickets, make sure:

  1. Linea network is selected

  2. The correct wallet you've connected to Layer3 is selected

Linea Park is tailored for EOA wallet experience to save on gas fee. Avoid selecting the smart wallet (AA tag) option.

Mint A Ticket for Lucky Cat Draw

Now that you've minted a Lucky Cat NFT and have an eligible transaction for the Lucky Cat Draw, you can go ahead and mint your ticket(s) for a chance to win Linea Voyage NFTs.

  1. Open Timeless X and tap three-dot icon on the avatar

  2. Tap 'Lucky Cat'

  3. Select one or more eligible transactions from the list (more tickets=more chance)

  4. Mint the eligible transactions as tickets for the Lucky Cat Draw

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