Adding a custom token

Timeless X supports major blockchains and tokens minted on them. However, new tokens emerge constantly and you can easily add them to Timeless X by following the instructions below.

In our example, we've added $DEGEN on Base network as a custom token.

  1. Tap on the profile icon on top right

  2. Tap 'Settings'

  3. Tap 'Developer Settings'

  4. Select 'Add custom token'

  5. Select 'Base' network

  6. Copy the contract address of the token

  7. Paste the contract address on 'Token Address' field

  8. If details such as Token Symbol, Token Decimal, Coingecko ID are not populated automatically, enter these details manually, and then tap 'Add token'.

Always DYOR! Make sure you know what you're doing. Anyone can create a token on a whim, including fake versions of existing tokens.

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