Claiming free web3 username

Introducing timelessx.eth, allowing you to convert your complex 0x address into a readable, user-friendly username across web3. Claim your timelessx.eth username for free on Timeless X.

Human-Readable Usernames

0x addresses are often difficult to read and remember. By adopting timelessx.eth usernames, you get a memorable, onchain address that can be easily utilized across web3.

You can also add avatar, bio, and links to your socials, making your web3 profile more personal and dynamic.

Seamless Web3 Integration

timelessx.eth usernames leverage ENS infrastructure, ensuring compatibility with thousands of ENS-supported dApps, not just within Timeless X products.

Steps to Claim Your Username

  1. Tap on the avatar icon on top right

  2. Tap 'Profile'

  3. Tap 'Edit Profile'

  4. Claim your free timelessx.eth username

  5. Upon claiming your timelessx.eth username successfully, tap 'Edit Profile' and add an avatar, bio, and links to your socials.

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