Depositing funds on a network not supported by Timeless X

Blockchain transactions are permissionless, meaning that a recipient has no way to control or reject incoming deposits that are sent to it. Once a transaction is submitted to the blockchain, it becomes irreversible. Therefore, it's important to carefully verify the network, address, and method before executing your transfer.

Currently, Timeless X supports deposits across several key networks: Ethereum, Linea, Base, and Polygon. We're excited to announce our plans to extend support to more major networks shortly.

For users who transfer funds to an AA smart contract wallet via an unsupported network, we have both reassuring and forward-looking updates:

Positive Update: Your funds are secure in your wallet, not lost. They remain under your control, safeguarded on the blockchain.

Forward-Looking Note: While the network your funds are on might not yet be supported by Timeless X, rest assured that access to these assets will become available as soon as we integrate this network. Our goal is to embrace all major networks, enhancing our wallet's inclusivity and flexibility. Although we cannot provide a specific timeline just yet, expanding our network support is a top priority.

Meanwhile, please stay tuned for updates as we work on it and follow us on X and Telegram.

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