Funding/Depositing a smart wallet


Let's assume you want to send funds on the Linea network. First, make sure you select Timeless X smart account on Linea network by following the instructions on the images below.

1. Open Timeless X, then tap on the small profile icon at the top right corner

2. On the pop-up, make sure Linea is selected under β€œYour Account”

3. Tap on your smart account (the one with the AA label)

4. Tap the 3-dots at the top right corner of your wallet’s profile picture, then select Copy Address

Send funds from Metamask to Timeless X

1. Open your MetaMask app, then tap the blue round button at the bottom center of MetaMask

2. Select the Send option

3. Paste the wallet address you copied from Timeless X on the To: field, then tap Next. Enter the amount of funds to send, tap Next, then tap Send on the final screen.

The transaction will now be processed. Funds should arrive in your Timeless X wallet shortly after the transaction is confirmed. Remember, transaction times can vary based on network congestion and gas fees. It's always good to check for any transaction fees or additional details before confirming the send action.

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