Sending funds to centralized exchange from smart wallet

For users who sent funds from their Timeless X smart contract wallets to their addresses on centralized crypto exchanges (CEX) like Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, Kucoin, MEXC, Gateio etc.

We strongly advise against transferring funds from your AA smart contract wallet to a centralized exchange, as these exchanges currently lack support for smart contract deposits. Given that your Timeless X wallet is inherently a smart contract account, any fund transfers from it are smart contract transactions. Therefore, until centralized exchanges enable smart contract deposit support, we recommend refraining from sending funds from your smart contract wallet to any exchange addresses.

If you've already transferred funds, don't worryβ€”they can be recovered. Simply reach out to the customer support team of the centralized exchange by customizing the following message based on your case:

"Hello, I've transferred [insert the amount] ETH to my [insert exchange name] address [paste your Timeless X smart contract address here] on the Linea network.

Here is the transaction link on LineaScan: [paste the transaction link here].

It appears the funds have been received as an internal transaction as you can see in the txn link.

Could you please assist me in refunding this amount to my [insert exchange name] account?

Thank you!"

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