Withdrawing funds from AA smart wallet to a regular wallet

1. Open Timeless X, then tap 'Send' button.

2. Paste the ERC-20 address on the TO field or choose the Metamask wallet you have connected as the destination address.

3. Check the network (e.g. it's Linea in our example), then choose the asset you want to withdraw.

4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw a. When you enter the full amount, gas estimation might get stuck. As a temporary measure, enter the amount less than what you have on your account. For instance, we have 0.013 ETH on our account, but we've entered 0.012 ETH.

5. Tap 'Approve Tx' button

6. Wait till you see the 'You're all set!' screen.

Higher gas fees when withdrawing funds from AA smart contract wallet

Interacting with an AA smart contract wallet for the first time triggers a deployment process, which is essential for enabling the smart contract wallet's functions. For instance, executing a one-click swap on a decentralized exchange (DEX) incurs initial deployment fees, increasing the gas costs associated with the transaction.

Wallet providers like Timeless X does not have any control over the gas fees associated with the AA smart contract wallets.

Furthermore, smart contract operations are inherently more complex than basic token transfers. This complexity arises from the sophisticated interactions and computational demands of executing smart contract logic, contributing to increased gas fees. These additional costs reflect the resource-intensive nature of securely facilitating advanced features and functionalities within the blockchain network.

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