🌟Key Features

Timeless X is set to reduce the friction typically experienced in using web3 and interacting with dApps. Our goal is to emulate the ease and familiarity of web2 applications within the web3 space.

Key Features of Timeless X

  • Simplified Sign-Up: Connect your Metamask to create your smart account.

  • Chat with frens where they are: Native Telegram integration for secure, direct communication.

  • Keyless: Self-custody without private keys.

  • Intuitive UX: UI blended with user intents.

  • Payments for Everyone: Send tokens directly via Telegram, making transactions as easy as sending a message.

  • Bespoke Content: Discover trending dApps to the latest buzz.

  • NFT Minting, Cross-chain: Mint regardless of where your funds are

  • All AA Magic: Sponsored transactions, account recovery, transaction batching, gas payment in stablecoins, fraud monitoring and spending policies.

Chatting on Telegram

Timeless X allows users to log in with existing credentials to securely connect with Telegram, ensuring the protection of their chat history, contacts, and other data. Integrating Telegram opens up a range of opportunities. Users could engage in more than just messaging; they could manage and transact digital assets directly within their chats. This integration enables direct user benefits like:

  1. Instant peer-to-peer transactions in a familiar chat interface.

  2. Group-based financial activities, like collective investments or fundraising.

  3. Simplified access to Web3 services, making it more user-friendly for a broader audience.

Drawing inspiration from super apps, this integration aims to blur the lines between on-chain/off-chain data and Web2/Web3 experiences. It's a blend that promises a seamless user experience, making digital assets more secure and accessible.

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